What are we


We exist to empower men to move toward meaningful and fulfilling lives by transforming their mindset and habits using cutting edge science and old fashioned, in your face accountability.

What I’m About

Charting Course was birthed from my belief that men deserve coaching crafted for men. I have been working in the counseling field for nearly 15 years and started a successful counseling practice focused on services tailored to men. I have worked with CEOs, salespeople, first responders, top tier warriors, business leaders, and everyone in between. There are plenty of guys who don’t need therapy but want the benefits of expert guidance. I decided to bring my deep understanding of the most up to date psychological research and time tested strategies for change to leverage growth and meaning in men’s lives.  Ramsey Goshert

My Vision

Leverage psychology, technology, and authentic relationships to forge men with a mission.


Our Services

Personalized One on One Coaching Program
Group Coaching